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This is me, (that's not me above, I did try to match the shirt!) like I said opposite I have been in the Plumbing trade for a long time. Looks like I have been somewhere for a long time! 

This is me in action, fixing my own shower. Typical plumber, my own repairs come last, if at all .  Ask my wife ! 

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As another service I am offering emergency call outs, with no call out charge,

no VAT, no frills and most of all no hidden costs.

 £45 for the first hour, £25 per hour after that. Plus any materials.

Thats it. 

Situated 30 minutes from Barnstaple and 45 minutes from Exeter I do respond within 60 to 90 minutes.

If I don't make it within that time, you won't get a free Pizza, but I will be nearly there ! I will be doing my best and I will let you know what's going on.

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SPECIAL OFFER... (continued)

So, whats the difference between the 2 deals ?

At the end do you have a good boiler ?                                 Them = yes                         Me = yes 

Has it been installed to current regulations ?                      Them = yes                          Me = yes.

Have you got a Guarantee ?                                                     Them = yes                          Me = yes.

Can you talk to someone after ?                                             Them = no                            Me = yes

Do you have to wait in all day if someone needs to come back ?                                                                                            Them = yes                          Me = no.

Do you have 1 person to deal with the whole time ?         Them no                               Me = yes.

Has it cost you an arm and a leg ?                                         Them = probably                 Me = definitely not !

So, that's the deal. Hope I didn't confuse you too much, if you have any questions please phone or email.

A note about powerflushing. This is a chemical clean with a powerful pump that is done as part of the installation, the machine and work are included in my price.

One other thing that could possibly be needed and may incur an extra cost is on the new Energy Efficient Condensing Boilers they have a plastic overflow pipe that has to be connected to drain. Most times there is somewhere nearby, but on the odd occasion another alternative has to be made, its not costly but is just something that should be mentioned.

If you know what new Boiler you want fine, but if you are confused just phone me and tell me what you have at present and I will advise you on what choices you have, along with costs.

This deal is for putting a new Boiler in the same position as the old one, obviously this reduces costs as most things are already there. If you want the new Boiler somewhere else, moved along in the kitchen, or outside in the garage, this is not a problem and any extra work and materials will be charged as mentioned, materials at cost, labour at £25ph.

At the end of the day I just want to make a living and being Gas Safe Registered these days is not cheap. I know you are struggling too and I hope this is a good deal for you and you will save money.

If you do know someone offering a better deal and they are doing a proper job, please let me know.

Any questions please contact me.



PS Good news, I have just become a Vaillant approved engineer, this means if you buy and fit a Vaillant Boiler through me, you will get 8 years Warranty instead of the usual 2 !


 Important  ; if you phone the mobile number: 


for an emergency, it may go to voicemail because of poor signal.

 If so;  please use the landline number


About Us

My name is Ged Callaghan, I am 55 years old and have been in the Plumbing & Heating industry since I was 15 years old.

Back then I was a Trade Counter Assistant at a Builders Merchants in Peterborough, where I grew up. In those days I was selling complete Bathroom Suites for £25, including a Cast Iron Bath!  Later at Seventeen I went into an Apprenticeship with a local company. 

My Apprenticeship was a City & Guilds one day a week release at the local Technical College, for three and a half years. At age nineteen I installed my first Central Heating System.

There followed a long career of self employment, for Local Builders and Private Householders. In 1984 I moved to London and started installing fitted Kitchens that came over from Germany, I remember listening to the Tennis at Wimbledon, coming from over the garden wall while I worked on a Kitchen. In the late eighties I did a bit of travelling and working around Europe ending up in Greece for a year fitting Milking Machines for a British Company, through their Greek Agent. That was a lot of fun, the Goats used to run onto the site and try to eat the boxes and bags our equipment was in, and I will never forget the expression on one goats face when the milking machine was turned on for the first time! I went back to London for quite a few years, working on  large developments near Tower Bridge, some well known personalities houses in Regents Park and at one point running four vans with three Plumbers and four apprentices.

In 2005 my wife and I, with our then six year old son moved to North Devon, midway between Exeter and Barnstaple. We had been coming to Devon on Holidays for years and decided to try and settle here. As my work was still in London, I carried on commuting for a few years, driving four hours early Saturday mornings and another four hours late Sunday evenings. This took its toll on my health and my vehicles! So now I am concentrating my efforts here in sometimes sunny North Devon!

My mobile is at the top, email is

Home number is 01805603419.

please feel free to contact me at anytime for free estimates or advice. My aim is to offer a reliable honest service at a keen price, with  written guarantees. I am fully insured.


Emergency Service Covering Exeter and Barnstaple.

Domestic Central Heating, Plumbing & Gas. Installations, Service & Repair.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates, Gas Cookers, Hobs, Boilers & Fires.

Powerflushing, & Underfloor Heating.

Bathrooms, Showers & Extra Toilets.

Coming soon: LPG & Renewable Energy.

UPDATE!  LPG has arrived! I am now qualified to work on Gas Appliances that run on Liquid Petroleum Gas. that's a Bulk Tank supply, Red Propane bottles or Blue Butane bottles. Cost me £195 for a one day course, ouch. Got to stop thinking about it, or I will start moaning again, like below.Seriously though. at one time you paid once to work on everything Gas, now there is a course for every part of it, they can't split it up anymore, can they?!  Maybe they will have a course for driving to a Gas Job, a course for Estimating Gas Jobs and a course for writing out an invoice with the word Gas on it!

Contact us now!

 SPECIAL OFFER ! Your new Gas Boiler fitted for only £850 ! 

That's right, forget all the big companies offering £400 off, off what ? Their quotes are so high anyway you are not saving anything. So I came up with this deal; You buy the Boiler and I will fit it for only £850.

What's the catch ? Where are the hidden costs ? I hear your brain asking. There is nothing hidden here, I am going to lay it all out for you and if you can get a better deal anywhere else, I will be surprised.

Step One: You buy the Boiler and all necessary materials for the job, don't worry I will tell you what you need, have it delivered to your property.

Step Two: I come along and; powerflush your old system, remove your old boiler, fit your new boiler, connect it all up, Making sure all is safe and up to current regulations.

Step Three: Test it all out, show you how to operate it, fill in all your paperwork and notify Gas Safe that you have a new boiler.

Step Four: You pay me £850. I give you a 12 Month Guarantee on the work I have done. You can contact me at any time with any questions.

Is it that easy what can go wrong ? Well, you must buy everything that you need for your new boiler, including a Time Clock, and the Flue. Sometimes you may need extra Flue connections for the Flue to conform to Regulations. If your system is old, it may need a few bits to bring it into line with Energy Conservation, like a Room Thermostat, Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV's), etc. If you do need anything extra, you can get it, or I can. I will have to charge you for the extra work, at £25ph. So for example you may need 3 TRV's, they cost about £8 each and it takes an extra hour to fit them, extra cost £49. This is not where I am going to make loads of money from you, it is only things you need for Regulations and Energy Conservation so we can do a proper job. I have to advise if any extra work is needed, you can refuse but Building Control can make you do it after, which would be more expensive. 

So what's the difference if I do it, or you get a Big Company ? Well, they turn up and confuse you with this offer and that offer. Their quote is £3,400 with £400 off, comes to only £3.000. I turn up, you already have your boiler, with my help if you need it, it has cost you £700 in total say, you pay me £850, that's £1,550 (half price, just about!)

(see over)


City & Guilds Plumbing & Heating 1976. Corgi from 1990 to recent Gas Safe Registration 2011.

My Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme certificates allow me to be Gas Safe registered and to work on; Core Domestic Gas Safety, Domestic Gas Fired Central Heating up to 70KW, Domestic Gas Fired Cooking Appliances, Combustion Performance Analysis NG & LPG, Domestic Gas Fires and Wall Heaters.

GAS SAFE REGISTRATION NUMBER :   (Unfortunately I was unable to renew my Gas Safe, due to the increasing costs of certification needed to register. But I may still be able to help you save money, so do still contact me.)

I also have a Level 2 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace.

38 Years Experience. From Trade Counter Assistant to Apprentice to Self Employment.

About the Gas Certificates above, which you have to renew every 3 years,  I'm going to do a 'when I was a lad' moment now. When I first paid for Corgi in 1990, the certificates you need to register cost £350 for everything, Corgi was about £80 a year. Now its about £3,500 for all your certificates and £210 Gas Safe a year,( £430 for the first year).  That's a 1,000% increase on the Certificates. Over 250% increase on the yearly cost of being registered to work legally on Gas.

In 1998, when I phoned up Corgi to register for myself again, I seriously said ' I have my Certificates, I will post you a cheque for £80. 'Oh no' they said,' its £10 for the application pack, £170 to Register you and another £170 to process the Registration'!  

Thats enough moaning, call me and after I have fixed your Emergency, we can have a cup of tea and I can tell you more. . . 

 NEW SERVICE!!!    WALK IN BATHS. Someone asked me why Walk In Baths are so expensive. I had a look into it and they can be! Some Companies are charging £2,900 just for the Bath, they want to fit it along with a lot of other Disability Products you may, or may not need. Bringing the final bill into the many thousands! So I did a bit of digging and found a reputable, British Supplier who can offer Walk In Baths to a Trades Person like myself, at a good discount. They have a few different styles but what caught my attention was they do a 1700mm long Bath with a Door, this could fit in place of your existing Bath, 1700mm being a pretty standard size. This makes it easier and less expensive as you don't need a lot of redecorating, tiling, flooring etc They do shorter higher ones too, which may suit other locations. They do ones with Whirlpools etc, obviously the cost goes up.

What I want to say here is if you are thinking of buying a Walk In Bath, please contact me and I will find out the best prices for what you are interested in. Obviously I can fit it and any other Disability Taps, Seats or whatever you need, IF YOU NEED THEM! Again I can get most things at a good price for you. You save and I get the work, win,win!!

Walk-In-Baths Exeter.Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple.xeter Walk-In-Baths E. Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple. Walk-In-Baths Exeter. Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple. Walk-In-Baths BathsExeter. Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple. Walk-In-Baths Exeter.Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple.Walk-In-Baths Exeter. Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple. Walk-In-Baths Exeter. Walk-In- Barnstaple. Walk-In-Baths Exeter. Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple. Walk-In-Baths Exeter.Walk-In-Baths Barnstaple.Walk-In-Baths Exeter.Walk-In-Baths. Walk-In

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